A Big Win for Mobile Marketing


Congratulations to DataXu advisor Greg Stuart on his appointment to CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).   While I’m chagrined to lose a trusted advisor, I’m thrilled that the MMA will now have a proven global leader to help drive the growth of the mobile advertising industry.   I predict that Greg will preside over HUGE growth in this space.  He is the right person at the right time – global experience, brand experience, agency experience, interactive advertising experience, and a track record of success as head of a trade group (the Internet Advertising Bureau) – a dream hire for the MMA.

For those who don’t know the MMA, it is the industry trade group charged with helping to convince brands to invest in the mobile platform as a means of engaging consumers.  Mobile marketing, born of an awkward marriage between telcos, consumer electronics, and brand advertisers, has struggled to find its identity and sweet spot in the marketing mix.    As if that weren’t challenge enough, mobile marketing bears the weighty promise of being a truly personal medium (if you’re like me, you keep your phone near you 24/7).  And, as if that weren’t enough of an opportunity, it’s the only truly global digital platform, affecting consumers’ lives equally in the wealthiest and poorest nations.

As CEO of mobile marketing pioneer Enpocket, and later head of Nokia’s mobile advertising business, I’ve often been asked “What’s holding back the growth of mobile advertising?”  It’s not one thing, of course, but one of the biggest things missing has been lack of leadership and a vision that balances the fantastic possibilities with the pragmatic realities.  It will be fun to watch Greg help fill that void.

-Michael K. Baker