5 tips to take private exchange & your programmatic marketing mix to the next level


Deals conducted through private exchange offer a number of advantages for today’s marketers, such as providing more control and priority access to premium inventory. A few weeks ago, we gave you five tips to get started with adding private exchange to your programmatic marketing mix and want to help you take it a step further. Below are five more tips to help you take private exchange to the next level.

1. Identify Several Viable Publishers

Consider publishers who offer inventory that has the greatest relevance to your audience. For example: Want to target Mandrin speakers in Singapore? Try Zaobao.com. Want a more business-savvy international audience? Forbes or Bloomberg might do the trick. If you are already running campaigns with those publishers on the open exchange, try filtering out your highest performing publishers and start from there.

2. Publisher Outreach

If you don’t have a direct publisher contact, reach out to your ad tech partner for assistance. This strategic business partner is often a solid resource for helping open lines of contact with a variety of publishers as they typically have pre-established connections and can facilitate communication.

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3. Picking The Ideal Deal Structure(s)

Publishers typically offer a choice between a Fixed Rate Deal or an Auction Deal. Fixed Rate Deals are often priced higher than Auction Deals, which are priced at the floor price, but remain consistent throughout the duration of your campaign. Fixed Rate Deals are mostly used when your campaign has a relatively strict delivery goal against your chosen publisher(s) as they remove the unpredictability of the auction. However, if your campaign is more flexible, Auction Deals can potentially help you get similar inventory at a lower cost.

4. Implementing Private Exchanges Into Your Campaigns

Compared to direct deals, private exchanges are much simpler due to the use of deal IDs as you do not need to sign a new insertion order, or IO, for each publisher you are working with. You can simply reuse the previous deal IDs, simplifying the setup process and saving your most valuable asset: time.

5. Mix It Up

Private exchange deals are not the end-all-be-all to programmatic buying. They are often used in conjunction with other buys and can help boost your campaign’s performance. These deals are often thought of as just a way to access premium sites, but they can also be used by an exchange to help channel limited inventory directly to specific advertisers. However, to really help your campaigns succeed, don’t discount the open exchange as it has its benefits. Find the middle ground between private exchange and open exchange that works for you.


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