4 Skills You’ll Gain With DataXu Professional Certification


Last month, DataXu announced the rollout of its new DataXu Professional Certification, a program designed to provide defined educational paths and learning resources to DataXu platform users at a wide variety of brands, agencies and partner companies.

As programmatic trading becomes today’s default way of buying, the need for training and expertise has never been greater. That’s why the DataXu Professional Certification program is designed to educate and empower media traders, media planners and buyers, account and campaign managers, programmatic specialists and other platform users.

Different levels of DataXu Certification

Those receiving the certification will enjoy the benefits of learning how to run programmatic marketing campaigns at their own speed, while receiving accolades and enabling better marketing ROI.

The benefits of becoming DataXu Certified extend beyond an increase in marketing ROI, however. Through this certification, marketers will obtain the transferable skills needed to carry them through the ever-changing industry landscape as well. Topics covered in the DataXu Certification Program include:

#1 Programmatic Marketing 101

With programmatic ad spending in the United States projected to reach 82% of all digital display spending by 2018, there is a greater need than ever before to upskill marketers on this transformative technology.

#2 DataXu Platform Expertise

Those who complete the certification can add the DataXu Platform Certification badge to their LinkedIn profile to advertise their expertise, just like any other professional certification.

#3 Media Planning & Buying

DataXu’s certification providers users with the skills needed to specialize in every stage of the programmatic campaign process—from forecasting to buying to analyzing.

#4 Deep Dive Into Data & Analytics

Through DataXu’s Reporting Dashboard (OAP), users are able to take millions of data points and analyze them efficiently and effectively to unearth rich insights. These insights can be used to tactically optimize individual campaigns further or to strategically inform future marketing efforts. Certification unpacks many of the tools, techniques and machine learning capabilities that are already built into the DataXu platform that many users may not even be aware of.

For further information on the DataXu Professional Certification, visit our Training page or contact us.