2019 Outlook: Connected TV


2018 In review

The high adoption rate for over-the-top (OTT) streaming made 2018 a monumental year for Connected TV (CTV). In fact, in a recent report, Nielsen notes Americans are spending nearly 8 billion hours per month consuming content on connected devices. And as Pay TV subscribers decline, eMarketer estimates  the number of subscription OTT video service viewers will rise to 170.1 million, equating to 51.7% of the US population. This transition of Pay TV subscribers to OTT streamers has generated substantial growth in ad requests across all CTV devices. According to data from OTT exchange Beachfront, there was a 1,640% increase in ad requests in November 2018 versus the same time a year ago!

What to Expect in 2019

Connected TV marketplace

TV networks have announced plans to introduce new OTT properties in 2019, such as Disney’s new streaming service Disney+. Freddy Porges, Manager of CTV Marketplace at dataxu, anticipates additional networks will also pivot focus to capture lost advertising revenue through OTT services. Porges reports, “We anticipate this shift over the next year or two as TV networks realize the massive revenue potential of programmatic demand. Their digital-based peers in the CTV space are already reaping the rewards of the current market as they benefit from significant budgets from advertisers interested in premium, full length content. Supply should continue to increase as programmers look towards monetizing their inventory through programmatic channels.”

Connected TV strategy

As marketers take a stronger omni-channel approach in 2019, Linear & CTV will continue to complement one another. Specifically, CTV provides traditional TV advertisers the ability to better target their desired audience as well as execute their media buys at scale. By marrying these planning strategies, media buyers can integrate their linear TV buys with audience targeting beyond typical demographics and ratings points. To learn about dataxu’s TotalTV™ for advertisers’ solution, and how to truly connect the planning and buying experience across all TV investments, click here.