15th Annual Shopper Marketing Summit NYC: Event Recap


“In shopper marketing, insight without action is just overhead,” This is what Bill Akins, SVP of Business Innovation at Rockfish said in his presentation at the 15th Annual Shopper Marketing Summit in NYC, March 15-17, 2016.

DataXu was a proud sponsor of the summit for the third year in a row.  The alignment to the summit is a no brainer for DataXu based on the level of focus we put on shopper marketing efforts with the reduction of digital media and data costs, reduction in overhead costs, improvement in customer acquisition and sales and DataXu’s unique and effective cross-device solution.

The brain power was booming with over 700 attendees, including brands, retailers, agencies and solutions providers.  With 40% of registrants being brands, there were top executives from Albertsons, Meijer, Kroger, PetCo, Walgreens and more.

Fifteenth Annual Shopper Marketing Summit NYC sign

There were a total of three tracks that ran during the two-day summit:

A.)   Digital & E-commerce Strategy

B.)    Collaboration

C.)    Insights to Activation

DataXu sponsored Track A, which focused on helping Marketers find ways to successfully leverage digital marketing and emerging technologies to guide purchase behavior and boost sales. Our Chief Revenue Officer, Ed Montes, hosted the two-day event with 13+ presenters.


A “Solutions Gallery” was also in place for marketers to walk through in between the presentations at each of the tracks.  The Solutions Gallery was an opportunity for leading Industry partners to offer expertise in all areas along the path to purchase.  Some of these partners included Channel IQ, MyWebGrocer, Yieldbot and 3 Tier Logic.

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