In 2015, the U.S. automotive industry raked in $280 billion in revenue during a record-breaking year. Leveraging data to objectively analyze automotive marketing effectiveness is now an essential component of accelerating sales within today’s competitive auto ecosystem.

The insights below, derived from Data­Xu’s programmatic marketing & analytics platform, highlight just some of the opportunities data science and technology provide to inform future automotive marketing activities. ­


The amount U.S. auto manufacturers are projected to spend on digital ads in 2016.1

Mobile Ad Spend Is Driving Revenue Boost for Auto Brands

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Mobile is the fastest growing interactive method for reaching auto customers, with direct-response tactics claiming around 60% of digital auto ad budgets. 2

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A factor analysis of 24 customer touch points ranks “digital experience” as the second-most influential factor affecting consumers’ premium auto perceptions and willingness to pay. 2

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In 2015, the auto sector spent $3.43 billion on mobile ads in the U.S., which represents 47% of the industry’s total digital ad spending. 3

dataxu Auto Customer Case Studies

Lexus experienced 63% better conversion volume as a result of restructuring marketing investments.

Ford utilized a programmatic approach to media to drive a 20% lift in campaign outcomes.

North American automakers delivered 28.8M ads to consumers to increase brand awareness.

U.S. Automotive Industry Digital Ad Spending, 2011-2017

eMarketer chart: US Automotive Marketing Industry Digital Ad Spending, 2011-2017

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