The Challenge

Even with a tough economy and rising gas prices, a North American automaker was confident its new truck engine with best-in-class fuel economy would be popular. However, it needed a digital marketing strategy to deliver awareness of its new truck at scale.

The DataXu Solution

DataXu helped the automaker by using its new tool, DataXu for Brand Lift, to optimize on survey responses in real-time. Many brand campaigns use a survey or panel to measure and validate lift, but very few do so in real-time. DataXu’s solution helped the automaker reap the greatest results possible from its campaigns in a limited amount of time.

The Results

The brand’s new truck engine achieved a 9.4% incremental lift in brand favorability and a 5.8% lift in awareness from the DataXu-run ad campaign as compared to a baseline control group. DataXu’s programmatic marketing platform was able to deliver results at scale for the auto manufacturer, reaching 28.8 million consumers with an average of 3.1 ads served per unique consumer.

Chart showing how DataXu's platform increased both awareness and favorability for the Auto company

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