The challenge

Major furniture retailer American Signature Inc. (ASI) was interested in extending existing traditional TV creative assets across new and emerging formats. ASI wanted to streamline campaign workflow, measure the attribution of big screen ad investments, and ultimately uncover insights into their customers’ journey.

The solution

ASI partnered with dataxu and utilized its TouchPoint™ platform to run a Connected TV campaign with the following objectives:

  • Reach highly engaged cord-cutters in ASI’s key markets with controlled reach and frequency through targeting at a household level.
  • Link CTV campaign impressions to online shopping behaviors and purchases across all relevant customer devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

The results

Attribution: 5X ROI

Attribution icon with dollar sign and graph

Based on sales directly attributed to CTV

Completion rate: 95%

Video icon

Due to high engagement of CTV, 95% of ads were viewed to completion

Optimal frequency

Monitor with dashboard of charts to represent frequency

Conversion rate saw diminishing returns after 18 exposures per week

Purchase behavior

Shopping cart

90% of online purchases occurred within 20 days of CTV exposure