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How Data Can Help Marketers Get Smart About Video Ads

This post originally appeared on MediaPost on September 25, 2013. By Mukund Ramachandran, general manager of brand advertising Video is hot. In June, 183 million Americans watched more than 44 billion online videos, according to comScore. They also watched a record of more than 20 billion video ads, which reached more than half the U.S. population. These […] Continue Reading

DX4GM and Last Call for Webinar Registrations

Exciting news today: we’ve announced the global availability of DataXu for Guaranteed Media! Now, marketers get the benefit of real-time decisioning on direct-bought media to  deliver the most relevant message to every target consumer across digital devices and channels – bringing customer engagement to a new level. Considering global advertisers spend around 80% of their digital […] Continue Reading

It’s Not All About Size: Why Parameter Choice is Important when Learning from Big Data

By Beth Logan, Director of Optimization, DataXu I am often asked how many parameters DataXu’s system evaluates when bidding. This is usually in response to a customer hearing that company X’s system has a large number of parameters, the implicit assumption being that more is better. However, while this is certainly a valid first question, an […] Continue Reading

The Brave New World of Programmatic Marketing

At DataXu, it’s no secret that we’re bullish on the prospects of programmatic buying, and see the shifting landscape as an incredible opportunity to not just deliver efficiency by scaling up programmatic media buying, but deliver marketing effectiveness through programmatic marketing.  In other words, it’s about way more than finding more efficient way to acquire media.  […] Continue Reading

Programmatic Premium: What’s the Big Deal?

Being out and about over the past few weeks at trade shows and bars with industry friends, a recurring topic of conversation has been around the future of RTB, and this new term being tossed around “Programmatic Premium.” Note to industry – we should have thought this one through.  Acronyms are a de facto requirement […] Continue Reading

Programmatic Buying in Video: A trend that’s here to stay

Every day, someone announces a new trend in digital marketing. With video, it seems to happen even faster. Programmatic buying of video has been in the news recently, and we believe this is a real trend – something that is fundamentally changing how video advertising is bought and sold. Brands take note! After returning home […] Continue Reading

OpenRTB Townhall: A Smashing Success

When I co-founded the OpenRTB Consortium late last year, I could not have predicted that it would grow to be as important and influential as it has become.  The success is exemplified by the incredible OpenRTB Town Hall discussion that took place on October 5th in New York City. Gathering more than 150 senior executives […] Continue Reading

Three Reasons Why Apache Avro Data Serialization is a Good Choice for OpenRTB

I recently evaluated several serialization frameworks including Thrift, Protocol Buffers, and Avro for a solution to address our needs as a demand side platform, but also for a protocol framework to use for the OpenRTB marketplace as well. The working draft of OpenRTB 2.0 uses simple JSON encoding, which has many advantages including simplicity and […] Continue Reading

How Much Beef Do You Want with that Video Campaign?

So I was on my way back from speaking on the RTB video panel at OMMA Global, and got stuck with an overnight in NYC because American Airlines stopped flying direct.  I mean, what’s up with American killing their non-stop, SF-Boston route?  No longer flying direct to Boston because they got beat down by a […] Continue Reading

OpenRTB Consortium Launches Mobile Committee

Today, the OpenRTB Consortium announced the launch of OpenRTB Mobile – a functional committee of the successful OpenRTB consortium – dedicated to increasing the adoption