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DX4GM and Last Call for Webinar Registrations

Exciting news today: we’ve announced the global availability of DataXu for Guaranteed Media! Now, marketers get the benefit of real-time decisioning on direct-bought media to  deliver the most relevant message to every target consumer across digital devices and channels – bringing customer engagement to a new level. Considering global advertisers spend around 80% of their digital […] Continue Reading

DataXu Announces Industry-First Programmatic Solution for “Guaranteed Media”

Solution Extends Programmatic Marketing Benefits to Direct Media Boston – September 10, 2013 – DataXu, a provider of programmatic marketing solutions for brands and agencies, today announced the global availability of DataXu for Guaranteed Media. The solution enables advertisers to customize their message to each consumer across the entire digital media plan. DataXu for Guaranteed […] Continue Reading

Reblogged: Programmatic versus Native: Who Will Win?

This post originally appeared on Mullen’s blog on 7/16/13.  By Kazi Ahmed, vp group digital media director There appears to be a fascinating tug of war for digital media attention taking place between two seemingly opposing forces: programmatic buying and native advertising. In simple terms, machine based media buying versus advertising that blurs the line between […] Continue Reading

Extend your Super Bowl campaign programmatically!

By Mukund Ramachandran, General Manager, Video & Brand It’s Superbowl time! And if you are like me, a football neutral, you look forward as much to the ads as it is to the game itself. And if you are in the marketing profession, there would be good reasons why. Consider these facts: CBS has already sold out their […] Continue Reading

Data Revolution Remakes Marketing & Advertising

Originally published on The CMO Site – January 4, 2013 Programmatic media buying. Big-data analytics. Hardly a day goes by without a mention or article of these two trends. Why all the fuss? Significant advancements in real-time buying technologies and big-data management are coalescing into a single, well-integrated technology stack. It’s fair to say, in fact, that we’re […] Continue Reading

Adding To The Brand Conversation

Originally published on AdExchanger – November 21, 2012  Over the summer, Bob Arnold of Kellogg started a column called Brand Aware on AdExchanger. Bob wrote something everyone in digital marketing can relate to: the industry doesn’t do brand advertising well, and until we do, those dollars – orders of magnitude larger in terms of spend – will simply not flow […] Continue Reading

DataXu’s Lara Mehanna Talks Mobile at IAB Advertising Technology Marketplace

At the IAB Advertising Technology Marketplace forum on June 21, DataXu’s GM of Mobile, Lara Mehanna gave the audience an inside look on programmatic buying in mobile advertising, and showcased real-world examples of how efficiency and effectiveness can be increased using the DX3 platform.  

Programmatic Buying in Video: A trend that’s here to stay

Every day, someone announces a new trend in digital marketing. With video, it seems to happen even faster. Programmatic buying of video has been in the news recently, and we believe this is a real trend – something that is fundamentally changing how video advertising is bought and sold. Brands take note! After returning home […] Continue Reading

DataXu MarketPulse: Using Demand Side Platforms to Find Your Most Profitable Customers

Today, we released our ninth MarketPulse newsletter, a regular publication utilizing DataXu’s proprietary data to uncover and reveal interesting trends in digital advertising. This month’s report analyzes campaign data from two key verticals to see whether DSPs can leverage programmatic buying to find more valuable customers. The full report can be found here: DataXu MarketPulse […] Continue Reading