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DataXu is pleased to feature the following events.

Insights Not Data – IAB UK Seminar

09/24/14 - 09/24/14
  • London, UK
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  • Speaking

The industry has been talking about big data for quite a while now, and no wonder, with data being collected from our phones, credit cards, televisions and computers to name just a few, the wealth of data out there is immense. But it seems now the biggest challenge facing marketers with big data is not grappling with the sheer volume, but analysing and acting on it. How can you transform raw data into action?

During this IAB UK Seminar, Insights Not Data, marketers will learn how to make the most of data to produce targeted and effective marketing campaigns. Join our session with Martin Brown, VP, Managing Director UK and Nordics at 3.45pm as he presents, “Marketing in the Age of the Customer: How Brands are Leveraging Customer Insights.”

To attend this seminar, book your place via the IAB UK website.

MediaPost OMMA RTB London Conference

10/14/14 - 10/14/14
  • London, UK
  • Category:
  • Speaking

Programmatic platforms are devouring ever more shares of digital display budgets, moving automated processes deeper into ad operations, and driving an even larger trend towards buying audiences, not just media. The stakes are higher as programmatic proliferates to video, TV, mobile. As the longest running conference series on all things programmatic, OMMA RTB, enters its third year of international gatherings on the topic, grilling industry leaders on whether the exchange economy really has met and overcome its challenges.
Transparency is a key topic for us at DataXu and therefore our General Manager of Europe, Sacha Berlik will be speaking on the transparency panel, “Will We Ever Get The Transparency We Deserve?” at 2.30pm. We hope that you can join us for this interesting debate with fellow panelists from 7Stars, Gumtree and ISBA.
Click here to view the full event agenda.

Shopper Marketing Expo

10/21/14 - 10/23/14
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Category:
  • Speaking
  • , Sponsoring

The world’s largest gathering of shopper marketing professionals, the Shopper Marketing Expo covers the entire universe of shopper marketing to inspire marketers and retailers with collaborative solutions and actionable strategies that influence decision-making along the path to purchase.

Stop by DataXu’s booth (#740) on the Expo floor, and be sure to register for the to-be-announced breakfast panel session.


TRACKS – Cross Channel Advertising Summit

11/13/14 - 11/13/14
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Category:
  • Speaking

The TRACKS conference is attended by over 300 delegates from across the industry for a mixture of keynotes, case studies and panel debates about how agencies and advertisers can better optimise their cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Join Sacha Berlik, General Manager, Europe at DataXu on the 13th of November in Hamburg as he presents, ‘Programmatic Creative: Delivering a more engaging experience for consumers, in real time.’ Sacha will demonstrate how marketers can effectively combine the power of technology with the beauty of creative to deliver compelling brand stories that resonate with their audiences and drive actions.

Real-Time Advertising Summit

11/19/14 - 11/20/14
  • 19th November at 11.15am London, England
  • Category:
  • Speaking

ACI’s Real-Time Advertising Summit taking place on 19th & 20th November 2014 in London, is a two day event focussed on addressing key opportunities and challenges for advertisers in the rapidly evolving programmatic landscape. Led by industry experts through case study presentations, panel discussions and interactive networking sessions the event aims to provide advertisers with a peer-to-peer learning platform to learn about the latest trends in programmatic media buying.

Join us on 19th November at 11.15am as Martin Brown, VP, Managing Director UK & Nordics at DataXu presents a keynote session on ‘Customer-Centric Marketing: How Global Brands are Winning with Data and Analytics’. More information can be found here.